I create organizational change with executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations by teaching a deliberate framework for innovation and leadership development that supports business growth.


For a business to thrive in the 21st century, it needs innovation, strategy, and creativity as foundational blocks for success.

  • Innovation is what keeps your employees engaged, makes your company cutting edge and keeps profits rolling in.
  • Strategy is how ideas are developed with proven, replicable processes.
  • Creativity is what makes it fun and satisfying

My name is Marianne Mullen and I teach executives and entrepreneurs how to create organizational change utilizing innovation and creativity to drive new ideas, solutions, and results.

I teach companies how to develop creative problem solving and innovation initiatives in their business in three ways:

  • Engage a new mindset to think differently and implement creative thinking supported by organizational leadership.
  • Utilize a powerful toolset for solving problems that can be replicated
  • Master a supportive skillset for effective change to accomplish goals and implement innovation routinely

Are you ready for a dynamic process that will create innovative changes in your business?

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Marianne works in collaboration with entrepreneurs and executives to take their business to the next level. Be ready to develop skills in Creative Problem Solving, leadership, time management, organizational development, improved decision making, communication and more. Learn more


Marianne offers facilitated programs and trainings to build effective collaboration, creative energy, and a proven process to be more innovative and productive. Give your team or organization the mindset, toolset, and skillset for innovation. Learn more

Keynote Speaking

Marianne’s keynotes and talks deliver inspiration, motivation, education, and innovation all rolled into the focus of taking action in your business. Get ready to get engaged and discover how you can bring more creativity and innovation into your organization, teams, and business. Learn more


  • “Marianne’s program taught me a different way of looking at my co workers, giving me further insight into how best to interact within the small team on which I work. As I reach the later stages of my work life, I struggle with the interrelationships in the work place. This program of deliberately being creative and viewing my co workers as Implementers, Clarifiers, Developers and Ideaters has benefitted me greatly in dealing with these issues. Thank you Marianne, for showing me a different way of looking at my work life!”
    IIAP program
  • "The Women's Business Retreat organized by Marianne and Lisa Wood on February 1, 2014 at TopNotch Resort in Stowe, VT was energizing and thought provoking. We worked through a process that identified our visions and goals regarding our businesses and Marianne then gave us concrete steps to put that vision into action. Her ability to think creatively and help those of us who were "stuck" was invaluable. Thank you for a job well done."
    Susan Snider, Snider & Associates
  • "I hired Marianne to come give a presentation to our group of professional photographers. Rather than stand up front and preach to us about what to do, she instead helped guide us to finding the methods that would work best for our lifestyle and work. It was a great experience because it got us thinking rather than just taking notes on what we "should" be doing." Marianne has a fun, easygoing personality that is entertaining and not "drone-like.” Many speakers can put you to sleep, but Marianne kept the group entertained and involved."
    Kathleen Porter, Vermont Professional Photographers Association
  • "I had the pleasure of attending Marianne’s workshop, Taking Center Stage, during a Women’s Leadership conference.  Marianne presented enough structure that we walked away with a framework and potential plan, while at the same time she invited conversation and reflection. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Marianne and recommend her to others who are developing their personal and professional skills."
    Mary Putnam, Corporate Training Director, National Life Group
  • "Creativity in Business—WOW!!  We learned wonderful idea-generating exercises at this workshop with Marianne, along with thought provoking ways to think about our creativity and how to problem solve. Terrific!"
    Margaret Ferguson, Central Vermont Community Action Council
  • Marianne’s communication and organizational skills are topnotch; she is clear, concise and incredibly dependable.  She oversees others with a kind heart and high business respect.
    Vickie Wacek, Executive Director of BNI Vermont