The value of proven diagnostic tools is that they can objectively be used to reveal gaps, and uncover strengths in an organization, business team, or even individuals, and are used to develop a plan of support and positive change.

The assessments I utilize in my programs come in many formats and may include skill and strength-based inventories, self-assessments, or any of the following:


FourSight Thinking Profile

FourSightThis research-based innovation assessment is a leading tool for problem solving in the workplace, helping individuals, teams, and organizations work together more effectively while maximizing individual strengths.

The 37-question online assessment shows you problem solving techniques based on one’s thinking preferences. It also reveals where growth opportunities can increase critical and creative thinking. Analyzing an entire team’s profile provides significant insights into how to increase performance, efficiency, and productivity.

FourSight, when combined with my approach, helps a team acquire a common language for tackling real life business issues as well as a framework for developing the mindset and skills to achieve results.

Team members who take the assessments identify their strengths in problem solving along with what skills they bring to the team. This helps the entire team determine its strengths, and what weaknesses exist and can be developed through further training.

In the end, team members gain personal awareness and a road map for increasing collaboration within the group while also improving performance.


Who benefits from this tool?

  • Team leaders who want to reduce conflict and boost performance
  • HR and OD professionals who want to enhance training and support change initiatives
  • Entrepreneurs who want to sharpen skills and build a collaborative support team
  • Individuals who want to be self aware and develop more skills for innovation and creative problem solving
  • Non-profits who want to maximize volunteer efforts and better use their allotted time and money
  • Professors and teachers who want to promote critical and creative thinking skills in students
  • Leaders who want to increase problem solving in their organization and sharpen leadership skills


Energy Leadership Index (ELI)

ELI MPELI is also a research-based leadership assessment for developing effective leadership styles and empowering positive change within an organization.

It’s designed to look at indicators of leadership that then enables individuals, teams, and organizations to see the impact of their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and leadership capabilities.

ELI provides a common language for understanding an organization’s current performance while providing concrete opportunities to support change and improvement. Through its 70-question online assessment, it measures employees’ perceptions and perspectives that directly affect engagement, productivity, and creativity.

ELI provides a framework for individual and organizational development. When combined with the Marianne Mullen Method, organizational leadership, culture, and teams are enhanced with training around 14 key areas including communications, emotional intelligence, problem solving, and decision making.


Who benefits from this tool?

  • Leadership who wants to create organizational change initiatives with collective buy in
  • HR professionals who want to reduce negative workplace energy and reduce interpersonal conflict
  • OD professionals who want to enhance skills and provide a new approach to key competency trainings
  • Team leaders who want to develop leadership skills and build collaborative, highly productive teams
  • Individuals who value self awareness and personal development or leadership development
  • Non-profit boards who want to maximize leadership development and enhanced use of volunteers
  • Professors and teachers focused on developing student leadership
  • Self-leaders who want new skills and techniques to motivate and institute change


Entrepreneur Business Index (EBI)

Adapted from the Energy Leadership Index, this research-based assessment is a powerful tool for uncovering people’s tendencies to do what has always been done, whether it works or not. These are called default tendencies, beliefs, and perceptions that guide decision making and actions. EBI provides powerful insights in to what supports and stops both individual and business success.

This diagnostic assessment looks at 14 key areas that either empower or drain solopreneurs, partnerships, and business collaborations. The 70-question online assessment measures perceptions and perspectives that directly affect motivation, engagement, productivity, confidence and creativity.

The EBI provides a framework for individual and business development. When combined with coaching or collaborative coaching, recipients achieve greater focus on where to put time, money, and energy to bring about success.


What type of entrepreneurs benefit from this tool? If you say “YES” to any of the following, you do!

  • Do you need to refocus on your business to get better results than you have achieved in the past?
  • Do you want to shift from looking at problems and fighting fires to proactively creating solutions?
  • Do you want to build a collaborative team to support your business vision?
  • Do you need to strategize on how to better achieve your goals by changing the way you “always do things”?
  • Do you need your business to fuel you and not drain you completely?
  • Do you need to build confidence in business decisions?
  • Do you want to become more efficient, productive, effective, and creative in your business?
  • Do you want to say “YES” to more business opportunities and move past mistakes and challenges that have kept you stuck
  • Do you want to focus on positive change that re-energizes and re-motivates you in your business?