Coaching & Consulting

What is it?

Innovation focused coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs or executives to take their organization to the next level.

Learn how to use the creative problem solving process to get results and solutions for your specific business challenges. We will develop the MINDSET, SKILLSET, and TOOLSET that you need to succeed.

  • Develop goals, systems and a plan that will support taking your ideas from conception to completion
  • Streamline and focus your business to save you time, money, and wasted energy
  • Increase your confidence in decision making, idea implementation, and efficiency in your business
  • Recognize opportunities with employees or within the culture of your organization to grow more creativity and innovatively
  • Deepen leadership and motivation skills for your team

You already know what your business needs to grow. With targeted coaching you will have more tools, accountability, and support to reach, and surpass, your goals.


How does it work?

We will begin with assessments of your goals, strengths, and approach to leadership and innovation. We will then work to create a tailored leadership and organizational development program. My approach is to tailor all my tools, strategies, and programs to meet your specific needs. I will provide education, advice, tools and training to address your short and long term goals. Always I utilize a process that involves self awareness and empowerment so that you will trust your own intuition in informed, strategic decision making you know are right for you, and your business.

Typically we will meet biweekly either in person, by phone, or internet. Sometimes I will spend a time working with you onsite in addressing specific goals or projects.

Duration: Typically 6-9 months
Group Size: Private, 1 to 1
Location: In person or by telephone/internet

Who is this right for?

If you are ready to be focused, action oriented, hard working, open to new ideas, and willing to be held accountable…this is for you.
Are you….

Entrepreneurs: highly motivated small business entrepreneurs who are either solopreneurs or in a partnership with less than 10 employees. Looking to grow your business.

Executives, upper, or middle management: open-minded, self aware, focused on increasing personal leadership skills and performance with managing teams or organizational development.

What categories do most of your clients fit into?

I ONLY work with highly motivated entrepreneurs and business leaders who are ready to engage in creative problem solving and want a balanced approach for organizational change with engaging both creativity AND strategy.

My coaching clients fall mostly into two categories:

1.  Highly creative people and businesses who have a kazillion ideas …amazing, transformational ideas…yet…for one reason or another, none of these ideas ever come to fruition. These visionary thinkers need support focusing their creativity and innovation with practical strategies and tools for developing ideas and implementing them with focused energy. Often we strategize ideas with strategies for time management, business operations, productivity, and efficiency.

2.  Highly logical, analytical thinkers who love developing and strategizing ideas yet….are a bit intimidated about “getting creative” and “out of the box” thinking. These strategic thinkers want to learn how to tap into creativity with proven tools that will allow them to push past the status quo, differentiate, and develop an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving and leadership development.

What you can expect to do:

  • Take 1-3 diagnostic assessments to understand your creative process, leadership capabilities in your business and industry, as well as understanding your strengths and
  • Discover your motivation as a baseline for our work together.
  • Employ new business development and problem solving tools
  • Uncover new opportunities for personal and business growth
  • Develop goals with concrete action plans
  • Strategize on how to target the best use of your time, money, and resources to get the results you want.
  • Stay accountable to your goals and progress
  • Work together for a minimum of 6 months
  • Follow through with action oriented task lists
  • Achieve results you want


What you can expect from me:

I take my role as a coach, advisor, and confidant very seriously. By upholding confidentiality and your vision for yourself and your business, I am there to offer you new ideas, review materials, test new ideas, and be wholly invested in your success. You can expect honest, straightforward advice delivered with compassion and motivation.

What topics might we work on?

Depending on your needs, there are 4 main areas we might work on:

  1. Business nuts & bolts: business models, strategic visioning, mission/value statements, niche development, strategic planning
  2. Marketing: developing new market segments, market research, branding and positioning, developing collateral, networking, cold calling, competitive analysis and differentiation
  3. Operations & systems: time management, client intake, performance evaluations, hiring and firing, standard operating procedures, team building, delegation
  4. The “personal side” of business: leadership development, confident decision making, communications, emotional intelligence, building collaborations, joint ventures, achieving work/life balance, risk taking, setting boundaries, removing barriers to success (including procrastination, avoidance, perfectionism, indecision)
  5. Innovative leadership: building innovation culture, improving team effectiveness, managing innovation and change, EQ and organizational change

Who have I worked with?

I have worked with a wide variety entrepreneurs and executives and I understand the unique challenges in business. My clients have been in the following industries:

  • Financial services
  • Interior design
  • IT and technology services
  • CPA and accounting
  • Website Developers and Designers
  • Product manufactures (Brick and mortar)
  • Online retailers
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Healing Practitioners including massage therapists, energy work, and yoga instructors


What results can you expect?

What you achieve with your coaching is highly dependent on the focus, work, and commitment you put into it as well as individual goals. With that said, my clients universally have experienced:

  • Increased focus and confidence
  • Motivation and follow through to make change happen
  • Confident decision making on personal and professional levels
  • Greater fulfillment and satisfaction with their business and management styles
  • Empowerment
  • New skills and strategies for increased problem solving
  • Leadership development skills such as dynamic communication, team building, EQ, and management
  • Implementation of long sought after ideas and goals
  • Improved innovation and creativity mindset, skillset, and toolsets
  • Increased profits

Looking for more concrete results? Check out what clients have said about working with me.

Interested? Next steps…

I offer variety of coaching packages to meet individual or organizational needs. Coaching packages are highly customized and start at $400 per month and incrementally increase based on duration, level of support, and frequency. A commitment ensures that you will get the results you need for short or long term business goals.  I am selective of who I work with and the best way to determine if we are a good fit is to have a conversation with me after submitting a questionnaire