Creative Leadership 101

As a leader or senior team manager in your organization, you set the stage in your organization for creativity and innovation. Using the Energy Leadership Index, Marianne will help you discover how your spoken and unspoken attitudes either support or sabotage innovation in your organization. By understanding your own assumptions and limitations around creative thinking and problem solving, you will begin to see opportunities for greater collaboration, flexibility, breakthrough thinking, and professional development for yourself and your team.

If you are ready to lead your organization into the next stage of innovation, this program is for you. Be prepared to raise your emotional intelligence (EQ) and explore your own creative skills and mindset. This program is designed to challenge you personally and professionally to embrace change, embrace creative ideas with curiosity and confidence, and create a supportive culture to ensure successful implementation of the Creative Problem Solving Process.

What you will discover in this program will enable you to create successful teams that will positively impact the productivity, values, morale, and environment of your organization. Discover why “creative leaders” are the ones people want to work with and for!


Program benefits:

  • Creative leaders are more fun to work for—they empower their employees, bring out their inherent skills and strengths and build a culture of respect, value, and communication
  • Creative leadership values true team building that involves risk taking, spearheading new ideas and Creative leadership builds morale
  • Leaders want an employer that values creativity and wants its leadership to engage and promote it—leaders want fulfilling work experience which allows their own professional and personal development
  • Develop leadership that are strong role models with creative mindset and process that gets employees to be interactive and take meaningful steps to improve ideas, products, services, and company culture
  • Learn how to “walk the talk” when it comes to being creative and innovative in your organization. Great leaders don’t have to be the most creative people, but have a deep understanding of creative thinking and supporting others to achieve new ideas and solutions
  • Understand how and why your reaction and responses to creative ideas can either support or suppress an innovative culture
  • Position your organization to utilize a creative mindset to address critical issues in the organization
  • Improve communication with all levels of the organization and get stakeholder buy-in for innovation initiatives
  • Determine how you want to motivate employees to produce more creative results to maximize performance
  • Begin strategic planning to maximize performance


Duration: This program can be delivered in a 2 hour introduction, full day course or 2 ½ day immersion.