Developing Collaborative & Creative Teams

In today’s high pressure workplace, there is a lot of pressure on teams to be high performing, collaborative, and to not cause any HR issues or headaches. This can be challenging with people who feel disconnected, disengaged, unappreciated, or undervalued.

Building a successful collaborative team that comes up with new ideas, develops an effective plan, can give and receive valued feedback, and sees ideas into implementation takes careful planning, trust, and skill.

When team members get annoyed or feel like their opinions don’t matter, there is a great deal of wasted time and potential. In this program learn how to maximize individual talent while simultaneously motivating team members to work together more effectively by honoring each others strengths and differences. Build morale and a positive climate while learning how to reduce conflict and tension.

By focusing on behavioral and attitudinal changes, collaborative teams can tackle business challenges head on when they know HOW to work together, produce results, and feel as if each individual member is valued and integral. This results in high performing teams that actually appreciate and value each others contribution to creativity and innovation during the creative process.


Program Benefits:

  • Improved communication by creating shared language to tackle misunderstandings and developing a framework to provide supportive feedback
  • Foster an empowering team culture and mutual respect
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of team members and at what point their skills are needed for project development
  • Understanding of how the creative problem solving process can maximize effectiveness and productivity
  • Increase morale, trust, and synergy with team members
  • Increased individual awareness and team performance

This program can be delivered as a 2 hour introduction, ½ day or full day immersion.

5 to 50 people