Facilitation & Training


MMfacilitation_smCreativity training and innovation development is a MUST for any 21st century business.

Programs and trainings focus on your organizational needs and goals. They can include training materials, one-on-one coaching, team coaching, pre/post-training assessments, and follow up. All programs are designed to have a return on investment that is measured by:

  • increased capacity and performance
  • productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • employee satisfaction and engagement
  • cohesive, results-driven teams
  • improved communications
  • breakthrough thinking
  • new product development
  • practical solutions to targeted business challenges
  • increased professional development & skills

How are the programs structured?

The process I offer you consists of trainings and programs that allow a maximum amount of both flexibility and spontaneity while being tailored to the specific needs of your team and organization. All programs and trainings have an active learning process within the application that includes creative problem solving tools, strategies, and thinking techniques that deliver results.

I work across organizations to ensure that language is consistent and the tools and process are sustained as your business continues its development through the facilitation or coaching process.

By customizing the programs based on the needs and goals of your organization, my programs often include:

  • Diagnostic tools and reporting
  • Assessments that reveal potential growth opportunities
  • Coaching, individual and group, as needed
  • Engagement that leads to leadership development, team building, and the development of creative problem solving skills


What components do all programs include?

1. Developing creativity and innovation skills:

Creativity and innovation skills can be taught and mastered. There is never just one way to run a business, and having the strategies to think and act creatively allows you to implement innovation in your workplace. The skills I teach, once learned, are easily systematized and replicated.

2. Empowering mindset:

An entrepreneurial mindset supports innovation and unleashes novel, out-of-the-box ideas and solutions. I help you develop a mindset for creative breakthroughs that involves letting go of preconceived ideas and expectations, building positive energy and culture, as well as developing supportive leadership ready to embrace change and growth.

3. Leveraging strategies and tools:

When I introduce a company to strategies and tools, invariably I witness clarity and an increase of ideas, the generation of solutions to problems, increased camaraderie among employees, along with new perspectives and business growth.

4. Applying a proven process

Innovation and change takes energy and momentum and using a proven process helps maintain motivation, focus goals, and make the process more effective and replicable in your organization. I help organizations understand and apply a framework that allow individuals and teams to build upon their strengths and develop the necessary skill sets for future business development.

You want unique programs

Have you ever been to a training or program and been bored to tears? If you have ever spent more time in a program counting the minutes and wishing it was over, you have never experienced one of my programs.

This is what happens during my coaching and facilitation sessions:

  • Time flies by
  • Pens run out of ink
  • Motivation and energy are buzzing
  • Collaboration and sharing unfolds
  • Laughter and unexpected excitement occurs
  • Participants learn how to apply the information to themselves
  • Action becomes a concept that everyone wants to act on ASAP

I am a teacher at heart. My experience in education and public speaking provides me with the ability to not only be a dynamic presenter who engages participants, but also allows me to design and facilitate groups successfully.

My programs are experiences I would want to participate in. That means they are fun, highly practical, growth oriented, skill building, and come with a new set of strategies that are immediately applied in the workplace.

I offer a safe space for questioning, challenging, empowering, and an opportunity for people to learn and develop skills to be creative and innovative. And, we have a lot of fun doing it.

Most requested programs


Powerhouse Problem Solving

This is a highly engaging and interactive program that teaches stages of creative problem solving and thinking. Using the FourSight Innovation Thinking Assessment, I help you realize your teams’ thinking styles, strengths, and blindspots to solve real life business challenges.  This program can be delivered in a 3-hour introduction, a full day course, or a 2 -1/2 day immersion.

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Unleash Creativity Potential

Ready to unleash fresh ideas and positive energy? Eager to implement solutions to your organization’s problems? In this program learn the basic pillars of creativity and innovation along with the key elements that must be in place to support a creative company culture and leadership. This program can be delivered in a 2-hour, or 4-hour workshop, or 1-day immersion.

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Developing Collaborative, Creative Teams

Building a collaborative team that comes up with new ideas, develops an effective plan and sees it to implementation, takes careful planning, trust, and skill. In this program learn how to maximize individual strengths and talents while simultaneously motivating team members to positively work together toward common goals without the competitive drive that embodies many teams.

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Creative Leadership 101

As a leader or manager in your organization, you set the stage in your organization for creativity and innovation. Creating a space for people to engage in creative thinking, solve problems, and feel empowered to create change takes deliberate leadership. Using the Energy Leadership Index as well as the FourSight Innovation Thinking Process, I help you discover how your spoken and unspoken words and attitudes either support or sabotage creativity and innovation in your organization. In order to build a sustainable, innovative culture, you need to motivate your direct reports and coach them through the creative process to increase your team’s performance.

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Building an Innovation Culture

Many organizations talk the talk about being “creative” or say, “we value innovation,” yet often the organizational dynamics and culture are suppressing new ideas, creative thinking, and reinforcing the status quo. Developing an innovation culture means looking at how the organization and its leadership measures, supports, and rewards creativity. Using change as the basis for organizational development, we look at how to build an innovative business from the inside out.

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