Powerhouse Problem Solving (for teams)

Bye bye boring Powerpoint presentations and theories on how to be more innovative. Experience creativity and innovation in action with this highly engaging, stimulating training program.

Go beyond conventional team building and unleash creative strengths that will motivate and enhance individuals and teams to deliberately engage creative problem solving. With an emphasis on collaboration, participants will be challenged to effectively communicate, apply critical thinking skills, and confidently work as a team to achieve increased individual and team performance.

This program is designed to develop positive energy around problem solving by learning a process that will maximize team’s excitement, imagination, and creative thinking preferences. With active collaboration, your team will learn how powerhouse problem solving can lead to greater job satisfaction, loyalty, and dramatically improve the culture of the workplace.

Participants will participate in the FourSight thinking profile for creative problem solving and be provided with a process and tools to maximize program objectives.


Program Benefits:

  • Team building with creative, fun, and energizing exercises that spark ideas, imaginations, and practical problem solving
  • Engage employees creativity to maximize workplace performance and developing a cohesive team
  • Foster effective communication and risk taking by sharing creative ideas to increase a positive workplace culture
  • Elevate the importance of a supportive creative culture and supportive leadership
  • Motivate, invigorate, and inspire employees to understand their own cognitive approaches to problem solving, and that of others
  • Improved soft skills in emphatic listening, observation, building trust and rapport within a team, risk taking, flexibility, supporting others ideas
  • Increase morale, loyalty, and employee engagement
  • Encourage a creative culture and reinforce company commitment to innovation and problem solving
  • Generate multiple solutions to one problem
  • Reducing conflict and judgment by addressing individual strengths as they lead to increased individual and team performance

DURATION: This program can be delivered in a 3 hour introduction, a full day course, or a 2 1/2 day immersion.

GROUP SIZE: 5 to 50 people