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Marianne Mullen SpeakingHave you ever been to a presentation that offered you aha! moments and so many good ideas that you left ready to implement them as soon as you arrive back at work? And felt not just relief that it’s over, but truly grateful that you attended the talk in the first place?

This is what you can expect from my keynotes addresses and presentations. It’s not just me saying that, either, but audience members and event organizers who know my work.

“I hired Marianne to present the keynote at our annual conference for the VT Association of Wedding Professionals. Everyone was so pleased with the presentation they were hoping it would last all day! Our members said the presentation gave them time to reflect and set goals, resulting in their feeling more productive and focused. I recommend Marianne as a keynote speaker, and definitely would have her back to speak again.” – Susan Fayette, Executive Director of Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals

Marianne’s communication and organizational skills are topnotch; she is clear, concise and incredibly dependable. She oversees others with a kind heart and high business respect. I also attended one of her Keynote Presentations and witnessed how she had an easy command of the room, and led the group through a long and detailed presentation, which engaged the audience effortlessly. Lucky are those that have the opportunity to experience her knowledge and expertise.” – Vickie Wacek, Executive Director of BNI Vermont

Put me on stage, give me a microphone and let me motivate, inspire, and help you think in distinctly different and creative ways. Leave ready to embrace innovation, let my content spark new thinking, and reflect on how perceived obstacles are easily removed with my suggestions, even though you’ve never felt they could be.



Even though I’m big on motivation, I don’t offer your typical “rah rah, you can do it” chant with lots of cutting edge business jargon and empty promises. Instead, I offer concrete strategies that each audience member can apply immediately to their business.

My keynotes are a unique blend of participation and engagement, actionable tools and a high dose of reality that matters to you and your business. I often solicit questions and participation, encourage dialogue, and ensure that the audience is personally invested in the presentation.


CUSTOMIZED for your organization

Marianne Mullen SpeakerI develop unique and one-of-a-kind talks, not repackaged material that I use over and over again. I offer you content that’s specific and relevant to your organization and the people who are attending. I develop an engaging program to make sure YOUR needs are met and exceeded.

My job is to empower creativity and innovation by building the mindset, skill set, and toolset resulting in increased application and achievement. By doing this, my presentations affect organizations’ productivity, culture, leadership, and morale for the better.

Go beyond PowerPoint!

Having poignant visuals can be important for a great presentation but it is critical it doesn’t take over the keynote. I incorporate visuals as needed to engage and tell stories to your audience and make the content meaningful and memorable.


Most requested speaking programs:

  • Awaken Creativity in your Business
  • Selling Your Creativity
  • The Power of Creative Problem Solving
  • Innovation: where left and right brain thinking succeed
  • Creativity & Innovation: where mindset, toolset, and skill sets meet
  • Empowering Innovation: having the right toolset, mindset, and skill set

Keynotes are 30, 60, and 90 minutes in length