Program, Workshop, Training Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of attending Marianne’s workshop, Taking Center Stage, during a Women’s Leadership conference. Marianne presented enough structure that we walked away with a framework and potential plan, while at the same time she invited conversation and reflection. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Marianne and recommend her to others who are developing their personal and professional skills.” – Mary Putnam, Corporate Training Director, National Life Group

‘Marianne is a thoughtful, engaging and inspiring facilitator. Her workshop series offered participants practical strategies for achieving greater personal and professional productivity, and were interactive, high energy and created a lasting impact. We look forward to having Marianne facilitate this workshop again in the fall.” – Jennifer Cinadr, Senior Education Consultant, Organizational Development and Education, National Life Group

Marianne’s communication and organizational skills are topnotch; she is clear, concise and incredibly dependable. She oversees others with a kind heart and high business respect. I also attended one of her Keynote Presentations and witnessed how she had an easy command of the room, and led the group through a long and detailed presentation, which engaged the audience effortlessly. Lucky are those that have the opportunity to experience her knowledge and expertise.” – Vickie Wacek, Executive Director of BNI Vermont

“Creativity in Business—WOW!!  We learned wonderful idea-generating exercises at this workshop with Marianne, along with thought provoking ways to think about our creativity and how to problem solve. Terrific! – Margaret Ferguson, Central Vermont Community Action Council

“I hired Marianne to present the keynote at our annual conference for the VT Association of Wedding Professionals. Everyone was so pleased with the presentation they were hoping it would last all day! Our members said the presentation gave them time to reflect and set goals, resulting in their feeling more productive and focused. I recommend Marianne as a keynote speaker, and definitely would have her back to speak again.” – Susan Fayette, Executive Director of Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals

“The Women’s Business Retreat organized by Marianne and Lisa Wood on February 1, 2014 at TopNotch Resort in Stowe, VT was energizing and thought provoking. We worked through a process that identified our visions and goals regarding our businesses and Marianne then gave us concrete steps to put that vision into action. Her ability to think creatively and help those of us who were “stuck” was invaluable. Thank you for a job well done.” – Susan Snider, Snider & Associates

“I hired Marianne to come give a presentation to our group of professional photographers. Rather than stand up front and preach to us about what to do, she instead helped guide us to finding the methods that would work best for our lifestyle and work. It was a great experience because it got us thinking rather than just taking notes on what we “should” be doing.” Marianne has a fun, easygoing personality that is entertaining and not “drone-like.” Many speakers can put you to sleep, but Marianne kept the group entertained and involved.” – Kathleen Porter, Vermont Professional Photographers Association

“Marianne inspired me to look at the goals I’ve set for my business in an entirely different way.” – Participant from Remodelers Association of Northern VT

“I thoroughly enjoyed Marianne’s ‘end-of-the-year’ positive discussions that she facilitated.  Her ‘Going for Gold’ exercise tied all the different business industries together in the room, with everyone sharing helpful goals to launch into their New Year!” – Participant from Remodelers Association of Northern VT

“I thought that Marianne’s presentation was excellent! She was informative and inspiring and her talk left me with a litany of fresh ideas.” – Participant from Remodelers Association of Northern VT

“Do you want to feel less guilty?  Do you want more peace and harmony in your life? Then Marianne Mullen’s Achieving Work/Life Balance is a course I recommend.  She shows you how to have better focus and understand your own needs and wants.  It shows you how you are letting the demands of other affect you and how to stop doing that. This course can truly help you succeed in work and home and achieve more BALANCE in your life.” – Renee L, participant in work/life balance program at national insurance organization

“Marianne’s workshop offered great interaction with the other participants, and helped me be action oriented!”

“The work really helped me get my ideas out of my head and onto paper.” – Anonymous

“This workshop helped open my eyes to new ways of being open and creative. It made me a little uncomfortable, but allowed me to come out of my shell.” – Anonymous

“The active, creative hands-on project worked for me!” – Anonymous


Private Business Client Reviews

“I was so impressed with my coaching experience I felt this need to tell everyone who would listen about Marianne. It’s hard to put into words what exactly my biggest successes have been since our coaching calls because even the smallest bits of knowledge I learned have had a profoundly positive affect on my business. I went from being hesitant to schedule the free trial session, to happily coaching with Marianne on a monthly basis. I didn’t start coaching because my business was failing, my business was already successful. Even with all of this, the benefits of coaching have been profound. I wish I had met Marianne sooner!” – Amanda B.

“When Marianne and I began coaching, my business was brand new, and I was just starting to learn how to market my services. She helped me identify and project the soul of my business, create a solid marketing strategy, and learn how to focus on the tasks that I do well. Marianne’s firm, compassionate coaching style also helped me complete a business certification, embrace new technologies, and to wholly commit to making my business a success.” – Melissa Jordan, Jordan Home Services